Natural Body Brush - ChristinaPURE
Natural Body Brush - ChristinaPURE

Natural Body Brush

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Dry brushing is known for stimulating the lymphatic system and promoting detoxification through the skin which is our largest organ.  The brush will help to remove dead skin, exfoliating it and stimulating better blood circulation in the body.  It has an excellent effect on the feet and softens skin.

Step 1: Start at the bottom of the feet and work in a circular and upward motion to the top of the body.

Step 2: Move to the calves and thighs and move upward.

Step 3:  Proceed to hands, arms and shoulders.

Step 4:  Move to abdomen, back, chest.

Features include:
- Color: As shown in pictures.
- Material: Wood & natural bristle.
- Size: Approx. 11 * 11cm.
- Medium stiffness bristles leave skin soft, smooth and glowing.
- With durable hand strap for convenient use.