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Which Dry Shampoo is Best

Wondering which dry shampoo is best...

One that can make second day hair look great?! How about a dry shampoo that is sustainably sourced with all natural ingredients and no synthetic chemicals, talcs or aerosols? 

Introducing single-use ChristinaPURE dry shampoo powder packets!  No more aluminum and plastic bottles needed! Talk about exciting!

At ChristinaPURE, we believe our dry shampoo travel packets can challenge any Travelers Guide to Dry Shampoo list. Just think weekend travel, camping...or use just because you don't want to take a shower before that 8 a.m. class.  It's great for extending your washes too!

Not only are the packets convenient and more Eco-friendly, we no longer have to inhale or spray those aerosols and toxins into the air.  With large hotel chains now restricting shampoo and conditioners in plastic bottles, maybe this could be just one way we do our part to reduce waste?

So how does dry shampoo work? 

Our packets are crazy easy to use!  Just apply the waterless powder to the roots of your hair over the sink.  You really don't need a lot. Just rub the powder gently into the oily parts. Wait maybe a minute or two for the oil to be absorbed, and then brush and blow out. It's that simple and it's great for all hair types too, girl or guy!

About ChristinaPURE All Natural Dry Shampoo Packets

Our formulation is designed to help absorb the oil and clean the hair, then detox and nourish it, and finally texturize it. 100% natural ingredients like we said, so there is no residue left on your hair, and NO toxic chemicals, synthetics, parabens, talc, aluminum or fragrance oils that can give you a headache.  We're going for the natural look, of course. We do scent lightly with natural essential oils.

ChristinaPURE is excited to make available to you the first travel size dry shampoo packets and we love our new design!

christinapure dry shampoo packets

Smart travel means packing light.  Each packet is TSA compliant and allowed in your carry on. So for the Eco-conscious traveler, we've finally created a natural dry shampoo that actually works for you and is kinder to our earth, leaving one less aerosol can or plastic bottle in our landfills and oceans. And that's AMAZING! 

So what's the hold up? Grab and go with our dry shampoo travel packets

and support a cleaner, happier world.

Shop Dry Shampoo.

Making a BIG difference,

The ChristinaPURE Company


Disclaimer:  Avoid direct inhalation of dust particles. If product enters eyes, rinse with water. If persistent irritation occurs, consult an ophthalmologist.  Keep away from children. Patch test for allergies. Contain no talc powder. This product has not been reviewed, evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not recommended for everyday use. Not tested on animals.