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Natural Dry Shampoo Packets For You

PURE Convenience! Try our natural dry shampoo packets, perfect for camping, traveling, eldercare, and the military. These single-dose packets are easy when you're on-the-go. No problems with TSA traveling requirements either. There's no leakage, just open the packet and use. Our formulation has no chemicals, just safe and natural ingredients for you and the family.

These dry powder packets work great when water may not be an option to wash your hair. Just got out of surgery and can't take a shower yet? Use our shampoo packets to tidy up the hair for a couple of days.  How about going on a hiking trip and you're taking only the necessities?  Stationed where there is little access to water? We've got you covered; and by the way, THANK YOU for your service! The possibilities are endless and ChristinaPURE is here to make your life more convenient, and without the crazy chemicals.

So how do you use these packets?  Easy is the word!  Just tear the packet open at the top, pour the powder into your hand and sprinkle at the roots of your hair.  Massage gently into the scalp, especially in the oily areas. Leave the powder in for about 2 minutes and then comb through and style. You can even use a blow dryer.  Just know that some of the powder may fall on your clothing, but no worries just brush off.

Easy, convenient, natural dry shampoo packets...What could be easier?  And we have packets for both men and women. Visit ChristinaPURE, the creator of the original all natural dry shampoo packets and get yours today!